The Mob Dropper minecraft survival map is kind of a sequal to The Wheel of Madness made by Malacodor. The Mob Dropper Survival Minecraft Map is advertised as a map that has high XP and item farm (zombie pigmen optional) – with Level 30 in 3 minutes.

GenreSurvival Map
Developer Malacodor

The Mod Dropper survival map includes world and its blueprint. Cheats are enabled, use /gamemode 0 and /gamemode 1 to switch between creative and survival mode. Use for example /xp -10L to remove up to 10 levels.

Author’s Note

In The Mob Dropper™ there are pistons which give the mobs the final push. The spawn platforms are at a greater height to keep the transportation time to the drop point short. The mobs get exactly 9 1/2 hearts damage, and the landing point can also be lowered to kill them. It is nearly fully symmetrical with collection point and light switch mechanism being the only exception. The zombie pigmen spawn area is better integrated, but still fully optional and scalable. The Mob Dropper™ has four identical quarters and with a few minor modifications it’s possible to build only one, two or three of them. With 4000-6000 items/h it’s more effective than the Wheel of Madness™ but requires even less ressources.


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