The Maze map made by Lekar is based on an original book called The Maze Runner. According to Lekar this map is about 500 plus hour long to finished, and if it is truly according to the book then this map is going to be the best puzzle adventure map ever!

GenreAdventure, Puzzle

The Maze Runner is about a boy who lost his past memory and he was brought to a place called Glade, there were others in the Glade called Glader and they too do not remember their past.

The Glade is surrounded by a giant Maze where vicious creatures known as Grievers roam at night. Massive walls known as the Doors surrounding the Glade protect the Gladers from these creatures by sliding closed every night.

In order to leave the Glade they have to venture as far as they can into the Maze without getting catch by the Grievers. Interesting right? Sound just exactly like all kind of minecraft map made before. I wonder if the author actually play minecraft?

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