The Malevolent Chronicles


The Malevolent Chronicles is a ctm map made for Minecraft.

Client Version1.15.2

In a world ravaged by a mysterious demon, only shards of a civilisation that was driven underground remain.

A classic-style CTM featuring floating islands, huge caverns and a descent into the Nether.

Battle through harsh environments and 16 unique dungeons to collect every colour of Wool and Complete The Monument!

The difficulty curve starts out beginner friendly but should still offer a challenge for more experienced players as the map progresses.

It seems like a normal CTM map until you hear that there’s 16 dungeon in this map for you to explore.

Did you read that right? Yes there is 16 dungeons.

The Monument goals are: 16 Wool blocks & 3 Mineral blocks (+ 27 Bonus Emeralds)

And for some reason the map name is promoted as Harbinger instead of its original map name.


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