The Lost Potato Chapter 3 : Secret Chambers is currently the last map in The Lost Potato series and it is the one with most beautifully interesting map levels with brilliant game-play that stamp its own seal.

I am not being exaggerating when I told you that this map stands on its own and has place itself in its own category, it would make you feel as if seeing the real thing.. It is a well designed map , the terrain is meticulously structured nicely making this map looks like it is made out of pictures.


Made in mind for playing multiplayer this map is not made just to bash monster. I often find myself enjoying the scenery more than solving puzzles and parkour and I often went on adventure and forgot that this is a game where I should be focusing on following the scripted storyline.

The challenges are interesting and of course just like the previous series your main objective is to find your way out of this beautiful land . The map uses its own resource pack that you would find included in the zip file.

The Lost Potato Secret Chambers is made to work on Minecraft 1.7.2 and above. You might find some function not working if you try and play this map in client below 1.7.2 version.

Download The Lost Potato Secret Chambers Map

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