The Lost Potato Prison Break Map


Never would I thought to find such a beautiful map similar to Epic Jump Map series again till I saw The Lost Potato series. Made by different people with totally different genre, The Lost Potato : Prison Break map would definitely trance any adventure loving players out there.

Genre Adventure
Version 1.6
Developer ICrafting

The map started with you in a prison with an innocent piglet that would be executed soon. Your task is to escape from prison with piglet and embark on a journey to find potato!! The map has a few limitation though, there are three series of Lost Potato map and Prison Break is only playable on Minecraft version 1.6.x above only . The map is playable in single player and multi-player as the map contains puzzle, adventure, challenge and action that might requires multiple people to succeed on.

For those that enjoy storyline based map do not worry, this map has storyline and scripted event. It also brags a 70 minutes long gameplay time.

Download The Lost Potato by ICrafting_ v1.2.5


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