The Lost Potato Misjudged


The Lost Potato Misjudged Map is the second chapter of The Lost Potato : Prison Break . In this map you are still stuck in what seems to be a maze or dungeon and this time you are alone. Piglet is no where to be found

Genre Adventure
Version 1.6
Developer ICrafting

When you first loaded up map you will have the option to choose difficulty between Normal and Hard. The background song somehow reminds me of Legend of Zelda games, or at least the scenery does complement to the whole thing. The pack come with its own custom resource pack which gives RPG and medieval kind of settings suitable for our adventure map here.

Developer of this map made it clear that in order to play this map and understanding stories behind it, you must play the first chapter first. Lost Potato Misjudged can be played alone or multi-player with friends as it has 50 minutes of gameplay with storyline and scripted events which brought us to challenges, action, parkour and puzzles that may be easier to solved with friends.

Playable on minecraft 1.6 and above

The Lost Potato Misjudged Map Download

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