The Legend of Zelda: The Desert Temple


The Legend of Zelda: The Desert Temple is an adventure map made for Minecraft

This map is based on Zelda’s dungeon. According to creator, it is a short map but could take around 45 minutes to 1 hour to finish.

It’s a single dungeon map based on Zelda’s dungeon with puzzles, jumps, fights, boss, unique items, a custom texture pack and many more.

Client Version1.12.2

More info

-The map is really new, JrAkcel just started, JrAkcel plan to take JrAkcel time, so even if its a short map, it could take a lot of time due to JrAkcel lack in command block so any help or tips about command block will be appreciate, you can always PM JrAkcel if you want to help me with command block. Also, any criticism will be appreciate. Thanks.

– You can watch the latest video that I made for the map, wich is a 100% custom mob in vanilla!


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