Welcome to the Jungle Temple, a classic puzzle map for minecraft. Don’t worry of trailer video in German, game is in English.

The Jungle Temple reminds me of original minecraft map which tries to imitate Indiana Jones however in TJT it’s probably a mix of Tomb Raider and Uncharted Drake.

There’s hidden treasure of course but not without traps and obstacles.

Creator: warco311
Client Version: 1.8

A bit unique since this map is made for client version 1.8 so if you’re on a later version, need to level back your launcher to 1.8.

There used to be an option to change your launcher version before but I’m not sure if it’s still there.

– Only mine wool and carpet.
– Prismarine shards are the hidden treasures.
– Crafting is not allowed in your inventory. Only on a crafting table.
– Play in easy (not peaceful), so you can die sometimes.
– If you went wrong, it is sometimes necessary to die in cacti or lava.

Placement only on a proper block:
– Redstone torch at/on diamond block
– Lever at/on gold block
– Button at/on emerald block


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