The Iron Rose 1.7.4


The Iron Rose will have you test your minecraft knowledge with its story and problem solving quest in order to achieve freedom. It is heavily focused on advanced Puzzle, Adventure and will surely give you a new game play experience.

This map comes with its own custom texture and sound giving a whole new effects to your surrounding. It also has interactive storyline with advance puzzles that requires mind boggling solving and boast of 2-4 hours of gameplay. The map focus on single-player but is suitable for multiplayer too.

Genre Adventure, Puzzle
Version 1.7.4
Developer SlaimCraft

Things to do when You’re Stuck

  • Step 1: Investigate the rooms closely, search for details that sticks out.
  • Step 2: Look at your “own” thoughts in the chat. They often contains clues on how to beat the current puzzle.
  • Step 3: Think logically. The puzzles often have simple solutions, you just have to see it from the right perspective
  • Step 4: If all above fails, try asking on the forums if someone else have beaten the puzzle and can help you.
  • Step 5: Lie down and cry

The is 5 part to this map and with every parts there is maximum of 8 rooms and minimum of 5 rooms that need puzzling solved. If you need any help you should watch some walk-through video below. The map file size is 24mb.

Minecraft The Iron Rose 1.7.4 Map Download

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