The Infiniteez adventure is another bad spelling map created to troll those grammar nazi out there.

When I first check out this map in minecraft forum I saw a poster complaining why do people created map like this with bad spelling all over the place.

He claim it turn him off from playing.

But that’s exactly what this kind of map intend to do. To troll you serious, straight A folks out there

Creator: DerpyCake55
Client Version : 1.8

Infiniteez promises a super duper awesome map where some guy , which is very evil trying to take over the world and you must , like Tidus and what was the name of that hero in Final Fantasy 9 ? Must stop from happening.


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  1. How is like, all my maps on this website… xD
    I didn’t know there was a website that just has all these different maps, that includes just about all my maps! xD

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