The Hiva Kingdom is a mmoRPG map made for Minecraft

The Hiva Kingdom is a Minecraft MMO RPG adventure map in which you fight for the glory of the Hiva Kingdom. Go through amazing worlds and lands as you gain strength by participating in thousands of Quests. As you climb higher in the ranks!

MMORPG stands for massive Multiplayer online role playing game. So in The Hiva Kingdom you’ll be given a set of equipment of your choice such as sword or a bow and set on adventure.

Client Version1.12.2

There are plenty of quest available, each action of yours will set a different ending path.

This map is always updated by it’s creator. Be sure to always check on feature updates.

Minecraft 1.12.2 — Download Minecraft
Custom NPC Mod 1.12.2 —
Forge 1.12.2 — Minecraft Forge 1.12
Dothack weapons 1.12.2 –
Note: when downloading dothack weapons make sure to download the file given from the link

Optional (For Better Experience Playing)
Shader Packs — Download Shader Pack
Door Mod — (Link removed)]Download Door Mod
Texture Pack — Download Texture Pack

Lag Optimisers (Helps Stop Lag)
5000% Fps improvement
Download Texture Pack

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