The Graveyard is a horror survival map where you could play it solo or via minecraft online multiplayer .

What you need to do is to survive the night at The Graveyard. Sound simple enough but trust me it’s not as simple as you think.

Creator: McTsts & VaterX2
Client Version : 1.8

Graveyard consist of 20 wave attacks that will mixed in unique mobs and vanilla mobs. There’s also mini bosses and final boss such as The Ender Priest,Summoner, Ghosts, Knights, undead king and his minions.

Even after the normal 20 waves attack, there are still 8 more levels that needs to be defeated.

There’s also dungeon for you to venture but it won’t be easy as you will need to go through various puzzles. You could choose to play as 7 different classes with shop, upgrade and high-score system available to make it more fun and challenging.


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