The Grand Museum is a unique gameplay map that needs you to restore exhibits in order to win the game.

The main focus of this game is that you need to restore exhibit, some are super easy while others may take time and have puzzle like difficulty to build.

Creator: Lebrenth
Client Version: 1.12

You’re doing this in order to get donation from visitors and to pay back the 1 million loan you made with the bank.

Of course you’re also a lover of historical stuff and you enjoy this kind of work- that’s your personality.

This map is filled with custom advancements, as well as sound and particle effects, to give you a finely polished and exciting game experience.


* Solo or Co-Op
* Casual and Challenge Modes
* Custom Advancements for all challenges
* Sound and particle effects
* 6 themed museum sections
* Explore ancient ruins
* Discover dinosaur fossils
* Construct interesting exhibits
* Attract more visitors!


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