The Escapists


A map based on a popular pixel game on STEAM : The Escapists! minigame. In other it’s Prison Break the minecraft version

Just like the original game , what you must do is find ways to escape. You will need to get items that will help you on breaking out. There are many ways for you to obtain items such as trading with other prison mates, or level up and get your stats and equipment better.

Creator: PoweredByPowerYT
Client Version : 1.8

So how do you raise up your stats? One of the ways is to sprint around prison blocks which will increase your stamina and speed. The are many rooms for you to venture and do work inside the prison, among the areas are;

Kitchen and Food Court
Exercise Gym and Outdoor Exercise Yard
14 Cells
Solitary Confinement
Visitor center

There is a catch though. You must use the required resources pack which is included with the map file.


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