The Enjunear’s Realm


The Enjunear’s Realm is basically a bunch of mini game pack in a one big map. Suppose you could call this a sports stadium.

What’s inside the map? Structures building which contains maze like things or stuff you could explore and get killed for such as Temple of Pirhomega, Mt. Doom, Treehouse, Lighthouse, Atlantis, Garden, Slowpoke03 Castle, the Map Room, Ol’ Bob, Astrototvideo Suite and many more.

Mini-games event map such as basketball, soccer, battle arena, golf, spleef, TNT Canon, The Tower of Terror, Hide and Run and many more.

Creator: Pirhomega, Slowpoke03, Irongineer, Jedipiggyprime, Snazzy19, and Astrototvideo
Client Version: 1.10, 1.9.4

Okay it’s not really a sports map since there’s an element of horror and mass PVP there.

It’s been a while since we have a real big map well be prepared because this one is really big, at the size of 400mb big.


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