The Distant Lands


Today let’s play The Distant Lands , a CTM map made for minecraft version 1.16.

This map genre has 4 difficulty settings and the settings for this map is Brutal.

Relaxed – Enjoyable challenge for less experienced players. A step up from vanilla minecraft.

Challenging – Resources aren’t plentiful and obstacles may require more creative thinking. A balanced challenge.

Brutal – A serious challenge beyond just fighting. Expect to have to think outside the box or die repeatedly.

Nightmare – You’ll die a lot. It’s part of the process. These maps are crushingly difficult in unfair ways.

Client Version1.16.3

1. Nether Breached Caverns
Ender Pelagic, a research facility researching interdimensional travel, had witnessed a disaster. Their Nether experiment had gone wrong, and now the subterranean caves have been opened up. With the dimensional link broken, going down into the caverns seems like the only promise of escape…


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