The Dark Forest

The storyline is great but it's too short

The Dark Forest is a minecraft adventure map where government conspired and involved normal citizens in a dark experiments.

You are just an average Joe with nothing better to do in life and suddenly kidnapped by the government. The government ask you to investigate some strange incidents of disappearances in the dark gloomy forest.

Several people has been known missing without a clear reason and disappeared with no trace. What could it be? Could it be an X-files case where aliens and UFO kidnapping occurs? Or could it be a serial murderer on loose? You must survive, investigate, fight and return alive.

Developer: MrCarri
Version: 1.7 above

The Dark Forest is made by MrCarri and this is his first map. In my opinion there’s a great storyline and mystery behind DF map theme. If done right the mystery part could be expanded into different path of horror and adventure.

DF is made for client version 1.7 and above, it can be played as single-player or multi-player. Make sense I guess in horror mystery movies the evil people sometimes kidnap a few people and let them fight each-other or gamble on who would die first. Typical manga/movie plot but still a good theme for minecraft games.

The gameplay for this map includes investigation, fights and exploration.. Sounds good and all but sadly it only takes about 30 mins of gameplay.


  • Play on Adventure Mode (Gamemode 2)
  • Difficulty should be set to Hard (if you are new to minecraft, you can still play it on Normal)
  • You can use Any texture pack you want, it won’t affect the map
  • Don’t use any cheats
  • KeepInventory is activated, you won’t lose your stuff.
  • Do not break any blocks.

The Dark Forest [ADV] by MrCarri


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