Itchy for a really good puzzle map with good cinematic and scenery that makes your jaw drop? The Crystal Tower should be your best bet for that.

The beauty of this map lies in it trailer video, honestly their official thread in minecraft forum didn’t do any justice as the thread starter didn’t even try to place any worthwhile screenshots that could grab one’s short span attention.

Developer: Versepelles
Client: 1.8

Luckily my internet speed is superb at this hour which direct me to click the trailer and see the jaw dropping view that I’d always hope for in a puzzle map.

With a unique style system Crystal Tower and interesting storyline , oh I didn’t mention that before that they have a storyline, a pretty well written too.. it will surely entertain you unlike any other plain old puzzle.

The only downside is in order to play Crystal Tower, you need to use minecraft version 1.8, snapshot 14w17a above and does not support multi-player, yet.

The Crystal Tower v1.0


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