The Corridor Horror


The Corridor Horror Map is a short survival horror minecraft map where your aim is to reach the end of the map without dying. A sequel of The Corridor map is coming soon..

Game will start once you press ” Ready ” button . Allow me to warn you, once you click the button .. Expect the worst thing that could happen to you.

It is recommended to play Corridor in two scenery mode;

1- Play with brightness moody and sound up high ( best horror atmosphere )
2- Play with high brightness and sound up high ( recommended for those who wants to record their gameplay )

Creator: TheGamingSlice
Client Version: 1.6


Go to start menu and click on Run, you may also search for run in start menu search program and files.
type %appdata% in Run, click roaming, then .minecraft, go onto your saves, extract the map file and place it into your saves.


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