The Catacombs of Crownsfield is another dungeon map from the abandoned project Anoria. Map is for Minecraft.

As the legend occurs, this is the first dungeon player should’ve met in Anoria. The entrance of the dungeon is inside the Capital of the Alliance, at the city’s graveyard. Inside the dungeon there are mostly undead enemies.

Client Version1.12.2

What is the lore of this dungeon?
It was a quiet night. Just in time when the guard shift is about to happen, a hand comes out of one of the graves. The guard startled, screams. A few guards come to investigate.

Corpses, risen from their graves march towards the rest of the town. Quickly a small battalion gathers to stop the undead. The main concern of the Captain in charge is to not alert the whole city with this incident.

Thankfully, there is only one way out of the graveyard. This is where the humans set a makeshift barricade to hold the undead at bay. The barricade can hold. But not for long.

Meanwhile the undead have infinite numbers. The humans have been burying their dead in these catacombs for centuries. No one truly knows how deep they actually are!

The player is first instructed to find out how the undead came to be at the first place. After solving the mystery, they are then tasked to kill those involved in this chaos. After that, they gather a small squad and enter the dungeon. This is when the adventure begins.

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