If you’ve been to this website a lot then you know how much I love to post horror minecraft map and The Cannibal is the one today.

You are hunted by a Cannibal guy that has escaped from a mental facility.

You don’t know who he is, or where he is, or why he’s a cannibal but he’s after you and you only.

You must escape before he gets to you!

Creatir FOXFIGHTER9000
Client Version1.15


Don’t Cheat
No Mods
Play in adventure mode
Play on peaceful(unless you want to starve)
If the map is broken, please comment on the map trailer telling me, and feel free to fix it yourself
Watch Map Trailer before you play the map
Have Fun 🙂
==Additional Info==

This Map Was made By FOXFIGHTER9000(YouTube: FOXFIGHTER9000) it took him a while to make.

This Map Was Beta Tested By Hujmed(YouTube: Hujmed Gaming) So give credit to him aswell and check out our YouTube Channels.

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