Aside from Wandering horror map, The Asylum appear as a competitor for the best horror map in 2015.

Driving back after a night drinking with friends, you incidentally wander of to an unknown road. Suddenly lightning strikes in front of you and shocked you who spontaneously hit the brakes .

Sadly it was too late as you collided with a tree and pass out.

Creator: SunFury
Client Version: 1.8

As you wake up, your car is no longer usable. There is no phone line and the only building nearest to you is ‘Chartham Asylum’.

“There has to be a phone there” , so you decided to walk straight into what later known as your worst nightmare.

The map is beautifully narrated with great effects, sometimes it feels as if I’m playing a different game. It’s made for single player but multiplayer is workable.

The Asylum Zip file

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