The Albatross – is a Survival Horror on a Frozen Planet minecraft map gameplay.

This is an old horror map made back in 2017, I haven’t had my chance to try it before but I did now. The map is more of a survival construct map where you need to build things / repair your spaceship to survive horror demeanor.

Creator: Lebrenth
Client Version: 1.10


You are a crew member of a freighter spacecraft, “The Albatross”, but something went wrong. Your ship has crashed on a frozen planet and you’re lucky to be alive. Diagnostics show extensive damage to the hull and several vital components have torn away from the ship.

You’ll need to collect materials, recover missing components, and repair the damage. Unfortunately, you don’t have much time. The fission reactors have become unstable and the containment shields are failing!

The map file size is big, 106mb big file which means that this whole map is has lots of contents for you to play.

There’s mention of alien dna combine with yours in the storyline but I’m not quite sure how horror is integrated in repairing ship for now. I haven’t gone far in the game


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