The Academy map is a adventure puzzle map which requires your dexterity and skills in solving puzzles and challenges that comes with it. Rest assure that this map will make you think before you act.

Genre: Puzzle, Adventure
Version: 1.7.x
Developer: The_mInecraftMan

The Academy is a story about you, a talented brilliant guy that was frown upon as weird and rude, imagine Sherlock Holmes by Benedict Cumberbatch. Your hometown despise you, your school thinks you’re just a rude kid and the students bullies you so you decided to enroll in The Academy.

You need to pass their test before enrolling, if you fail you’ll end up back as fodder for the bullies in your old school. After passing the test, it becomes quite clear that The Academy is not just a school, and there is something much more mysterious going on.

This is a multiplayer map up to four people and it is recommended to be used with Optifine.

Players: 1-4 (Must Stick Together)
Play Time: 35 Minutes – 1 Hour

Reccomended Resource Pack(s):
SphaxPureBDCraft OR SphaxGrungeBDCraft

Allowed Mods:
Optifine, Rei’s Minimap
Zan’s Minimap
Damage Indicators.


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