The Abandoned


The Abandoned is a horror genre map made for Minecraft.

It’s 1959. You play as a detective for the PPD on a missing persons case. A local reporter went missing mysteriously while investigating the recently abandoned Arch st. subway line.

With nothing, but a lantern and a sidearm you must venture into the dark subway in search of the missing reporter and the mysteries surrounding the abandoned Arch st. line.

In a glance this look like a title I posted many times before but this one has a different and unique storyline.

What difference is that this is made based on folklore of SCP:Blackout.

Among The Gameplays

  • -Scavenge for ammo and health in crates and chests.
  • -Use a handgun and metal pipe to fend off enemies.
  • -Solve simple puzzles to progress.
  • -Interact with ?’s throughout the map to hear full voice acted dialogue for the MC.
  • -Find notes left scattered around for clues to the narrative.
  • -Venture into 1 block high gaps to traverse through crawlspaces and vents.

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