Test Anomophier 1 is said to be a hard puzzle map which has 19 levels, a great storyline, a good cliffhanger, crazy parkour ride, and brain busting puzzles!

This is the first episode of Test Anomophier which emphasize more on story and challenges that comes with it.

Creator: DerpyCake55
Client Version : 1.8

Features included : Hidden Easter Egg , colored item names ,Colored world, Colored text inside books , Custom Authors for books…

The features sound meaningless but it makes the world unique and colorful despite all the jumping and puzzles. It’s supposedly add excitement to the story.

Synopsis does not do justice, you must try the map first


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  1. Wut? How did my map get on this website?
    I am the creator of this map, and I didn’t post this… xD

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