Terracotta Tower is a unique parkour map using the newest block for minecraft Snapshot 17w06a.

in Snapshot 17w06a, there’s a lot of new blocks with colorful designs called terracota.

Creator: NERD0101
Client Version: 1.12

The textures of the new terracota block is unique which gives NERD0101 ideas to make a rainbow theme parkour.

The map has 16 levels and with Each level contained large cube that looks like a type of terracotta block and 16 levels because there are 16 different terracotta blocks.

Each level is 16x16x16 blocks in size and has a special type of parkour based on the theme of the level.

From vine to water parkour, this map will give you thrills as you experience first-hand some of the new blocks added to the game!

Remember you need to play this on minecraft 1:12 to enjoy the new blocks


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