Have you ever played Tower Defense map back in the old classic Dota ? Do you want to play the same kind of game in Minecraft ? Here I present to you a Tower Defense map 1.7.2 by FloxHunt, except this map you won’t be building towers but have to slaughter all those enemy yourself.

GenreAdventure, Challenge
Developer FloxHunt

Temple Defense map has 5 difficulty settings which is Easy, Normal, Difficult , Hardcore and lastly, the hardest of the hardest : Ultra. To those who would be trying Ultra settings, avoid it if you have a heart problem and high blood pressure because it will surely make you angry and irritated.

The map is small with only 3 ways of incoming monster and it comes with 10 big waves of mobs. There are 3 classes to choose which is Swordie, Archer and Gunner which can evolve to a Knight, Hunter and Bomber. This map is a multiplayer map and it is advisable to play Ultra settings with another player. Ultra mode compacts all the waves of the different ways, it corresponded to 30 waves in the 3 ways.

I played a lot of TD maps back in the old Dota, although this map does not gives me the exact feeling of TD but it does give me those fun memories back and it sort of a stress reliever too, having to able to kill a lot of zombies in a matter of seconds is quite fun. All in all this is a great map and it’s this is the first version of Temple Defense series, a second series is currently in 80% work in progress by the same developer.

Download Temple Defense by FloxHunt


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