TEMPEK MOUNTAIN RESORT is a working 65 runs Ski Resort minecraft map made for Minecraft 1.13.2 and above.

What do you expect from a ski resort? That’s what you get with this map.

Creator: Minimumwageminecraft
Client Version: 1.13.2

To get to the top of the resort there is a lift that will take you there. All together there is 9 lifts.

Once you get on top there’s minigame waiting for you. There are 6 mini game and this is the only way currently to gain money.

There are 4 tiers of ski and you get tier 1 ski at the airport. Once you earn money you can buy other tier skis . There’s also 4 boots in the large, jungle wood building in the base village.

Ski boots will help you go faster.

The best part of this map is that if you ski recklessly, you may die from the impact so be careful skiing just like in real life.


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