Telsa International Airport


Telsa International Airport is a big size modern airport map made for minecraft.

Telsa airport is built as real as any international airport like Haneda airport , Japan. It includes everything that an airport has plus a supermarket, stores and many more.

Creator: fugehater12
Client Version: 1.8

It has all kind of airplanes from many airlines , vehicles , metro station and two completed runways.

– 20+ Airplanes
– One Departure Terminal
– One Arrival Terminal
– Two 747 Length Runways
– One Main check in Building
– Metro
– Metro Station
– Airport Undergound Monorail
– Underground Monorail Parking
– Parking Lots
– Car Rental
– Security Building
– Airport Firestation
– Airport Property Firestation
– Cargo Center
– Many Taxi ways
– Government plane sites
– Three control Towers
– 20+ Gates
– Passport Control
– Arrival Security Checkpoint
– Departure Security Checkpoint
– Highway
– Baggage Claim
– Over 15+ Stores (Like a mall)
– Bomb on board scene
– Engine Fire Scene
– Many Airport Tarmac Vehicles
– 747’s
– 737’s
– 777’s

This is a creative map which is an open world map where you are free to play anyway as you want. I tested it and it supports minecraft online multiplayer .

Tesla airport requires Flows HD resource pack.


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