Taktics Adventure


Taktics will test your knowledge and skills in many aspects of minecraft. It is a fairly difficult map and is split into two section. Section 1 requires you to collect skill points by completing mini-challenges in order to move on.

Genre: Adventure
Version: 1.7.x

In section 2 , player will be against three different and difficult challenges. Completing each challenge will give you a key to move on from the map.

According to FlazeOfAges, the map is specially made for minecraft version 1.7.4 and above. This is his first map and it doesn’t contains difficult or eye pleasing terrains but it does gives you enough hardcore challenge to play.

1. No placing, crafting or breaking ANY blocks/items unless implied.
2. Do NOT change game modes or difficulty. The map takes care of that for you Posted Image.
3. This map was not designed for multiplayer, so if you chose to play together, be careful.
4. No using commands to your advantage. (/tp, /spawnpoint, etc.)

Taktics 1.1


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