Tag: 1.9

  • Pixel Drop

    Yesterday it was Pixel Race, today it’s Pixel Drop a brain challenging puzzle map. Pixel Drop 1.9 
  • Redventure

    This isn’t just your normal puzzle map. It’s a damn good redstone puzzle map that hasn’t been made since ages.
  • The Unseen Forces

    The Unseen Forces is an arena minigame map that has the beauty of a full fledged adventure map. Never have I seen ...
  • The Moon

    The Moon is such a troublesome map as it has no description other than it’s not playable on a low end pc.
  • A Job for Christmas

    You know how I love to post horror maps right? When it comes Christmas everyone is posting happy maps about Santa. Rarely ...
  • Grinch Attack

    It’s Christmas season where Grinch the ugly green dude who’s jealous of everyone happy holidays mood will strike!
  • Zombie Settlement Survival

    Are you looking for an increasingly difficult zombie challenge in the form of rounds ? Then Zombie Settlement Survival mini-game map would ...
  • Chorus Chaos

    Chorus Chaos is a fun interactive minecraft mini-game that combines a bit of parkour and Super Mario and a bit of BomberMan ...