Tag: 1.8

  • Gora’s Cave

    Let’s play this CTM map Gora’s Cave made by Isurvolte. This is said to be his last build map.
  • Skyrim Map

    This is another Skyrim related map but this one is of a better quality and follow much of the original scenery from ...
  • Minecraft Random Dungeons

    Minecraft Random Dungeons is a minigame map with 96 random chambers. What’s more is all the 96 chambers has random configurations. It’s ...
  • Broken

    Broken is a minecraft survival parkour map with huge scale map for you to explore. Broken Minecraft Survival 

    KATACOMB – CHAPTER I is a horror map that was made for Halloween last year. For some reason I missed out this ...
  • Dissent

    Dissent is a ctm multiplayer minecraft online map that took two-year in development and is made as a tribute to hypixel .
  • Reverse Skyblock

    A Reverse Skyblock survival map for minecraft. Finally something original using the base of a normal theme.
  • Temple of the Gods

    Temple of the Gods is an original series of adventure map for minecraft and it has 4 chapter.