Sword Deathmatch is a PVP map made for Minecraft.

Creator Acruxeth
Client Version1.14

“Sword Deathmatch” is a player-vs-player Minecraft map, designed for 2-4 players. It is inspired by a game mode, “Gun Deathmatch”, in an online first person shooter game known as “Counter Strike: Nexon Studio”.

As players defeat members of the opposing teams, the weapons will level up. But, at the same time, they will decrease in attack power.

At the final level, a special weapon will be received, which has the weakest attack power; the first player to defeat an opponent with that special weapon will lead them to victory.

In Sword Deathmatch there are 4 fighting arenas for you to choose from. Each one of them is installed with special effects.

The map boast of user friendly team and map selection plus responsive PVP user interface.

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