Survival Triland


Minecraft Minecraft Survival Triland Map is a Survival, Adventure map that comes in 3 mode. Normal, Hard, Winter and Swamp. These 4 modes gives you different scenario based upon what you choose.


You were very drunk and had a good night out in the cabin in the ship while sailing to an magical island. All of a sudden there was a bang and right in front of your eyes was the biggest tornado you’ve ever seen in your life. It spins your boat to violently and you fall overboard.

The ship breaks apart with pieces of wood flying everywhere, one hits you in the head and you were knocked out! You wake up on an island with a magical tree. A massive magical tree. You look down, and around but see nothing but sea…

Genre Minecraft Survival, Minecraft Adventure
Developer DrCam


1. Don’t leave the Island or enter any water (except underground water)
2. Play on at least Normal difficulty.
3. Bookmark the thread if you find it interesting.
4. Post pictures of your achievements.
5. No hacking.
6. Have fun!




survival triland 4.0

survival triland hardcore

survival triland swampy

survival triland snow


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