Survival The Haunted Town


Minecraft Survival The Haunted Town Map is as its name, a survival haunted Minecraft map. You will start off in your house inside a little town in the middle of a huge desert.You have to gain resources by either mining deep below in the huge maze of abandoned mineshafts, or by trading with the villagers.

Everyone is using gold ingots and nuggets for “currency”, in order to trade with them you will have to grind a lot but do not worry villagers now will also buy items from you to make it easier for you.

Genre Minecraft Survival, Minecraft Challenge
Developer LordHerobrineMC


  • Play in survival mode
  • Play in normal difficulty or harder.
  • Play in vanilla Minecraft only…NO MODS!
  • Do not try to kill the villagers in your home town — they all have Resistance IV!
  • Do not try to sleep in the bed — The night never end, all the bed does is to set your spawnpoint there!


Minecraft Survival LHMC The Haunted Town


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