Survival Planet


Survival Planet is as its name a survival map that has about 15 planets for you to explore

There are all kinds of weird planets available in game and you will have to start your day in Nether Planet. You must build your home there and look and explore for resources in other planets available starts from animal planet, pumpkins planet, mushroom planet, pyramid planet, dungeon planet, and many more.

As mention previously there are 15 planets including your spawn world so take your time to explore and try to survive!

Developer: MrMinecrafter101
Client: 1.6

The usual rules applies to Survival Planet

  • no using hacks/mods like toomanyitems or singleplaycommands
  • Play on at least normal difficulty
  • Have Fun 😀

1.Create a home in the netherplanet
2.make a fireplace in your home
3.make a monster spawner trap at the ironplanet
4.create a tree farm
5.make a cobblestone generator
6.retrive all the music disks
7.Create a pumkin farm a home out of pumkins something at the mushroomplanet a house out of brick on the greenplanet
11.conquer the dungeonplanet and pyramidplanet and the prisonplanet something at the glassplanet

Survival Planets v1.5


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