Super Sweet Survival MCPE


Super Sweet Survival is a minecraft mcpe map aka minecraft pocket edition map.

Super Sweet Survival boast many stuff to explore and features for you to try.

Creator: kidsource
Client Version: Android , iOS

At the place you spawned, there is great cobblestone house near you with items for you to start your survival. Nearby is Nether portal and a ravine.

Once you done exploring spawn area, head to road which will lead you to a village. The road is a long one but will lead you to a big village.

There you will start your survival.

Map Features:

  1. Spawn point house with multiple packed chests.
  2. Road system to locate the best features.
  3. Multiple Nether Portals
  4. Big Village with lots of villagers and Iron Golems.
  5. Resources like food, tools, weapons, armor, and much, much more.
  6. Marked access to 3 ravines.
  7. Marked access to a mine shaft.
  8. Marked access to a Nether Fortress
  9. Built in survival mode so achievements are available.


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