Finally a real Minecraft Mario map that allows you to choose which Mario characters you wants to be! This Super Mario Bros 2 map is based on SNES version.

Genre: Adventure
Developer: AnOddRadish

You are allowed to play and choose between Mario, Luigi, Toad, and even Peach character as your main, just like the original game. Each character is given unique abilities and its own set of weapons to fight.

Just like the original games, the score are based on how many coins, seeds, vegetables, four different collectable cherries, and one fortune. The fortune will tell you about incoming future challenges.

This is a multi-player map that supports up to four player, the map is also big in size which is 59.57 MB. The reason why the file size is big because it came including with a resource pack which you must use.

Although, I am personally playing SMB2 using EJM mario texture pack from here

SMB – Minecraft Mario Map

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