Cringe for some minecraft mario map for your MCPE? Then we have something good for you here..

Genre: Parkour

Super Mario parkour map has 3 world and 8 stages available currently. Initially danulo announced that there will be 12 stages but up to version 1.1 there are only 8 available.

Mushroom is ‘the score’ in this game so make sure you collects them. Like the real Mario game, the motif of this map is to save the princess! However saving her won’t be easy. The stages are filled with traps, monster and all kind of obstacles that will hinder you from getting to her.

I’m giving this map 4 out of 5 stars because it deserves it.


  • You cant destroy blocks
  • Play on peaceful mode
  • Cheating is okay
  • Must jump through 3 world and 12 stages
  • MUST save the princess!



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