Super Mario Galaxy map based on the Nintendo famous series is now made available for minecraft.

What you need to do is travel between the 7 galaxy and find gold blocks to re-power the Grand Star!

Genre: Adventure

Almost everyone that play this map agrees that it is an Epic map with fun game-play, as expected from a map that was based on a series that lasted from the 90’s console till now.

Designer of Super Mario Galaxy has recently update map with more refine game-play. If you have tried this map before then expect to see more loots, more challenges and 2 new places to explore.

Map is made playable with latest version of minecraft 1.7.x

New Features

  • Added new central hub the Comet Observatory!
  • All chests revamped with better loots
  • Many Glitches fixed
  • Upgrades to all current Galaxies
  • 2 New places to explore in the Dusty Dune Galaxy and Barron Brr’s Frozen peak

How to Install Map

  1. Download map according to your version
  2. Extract the .zip or .rar file.
  3. Go to start menu and search %appdata%
  4. Go to .minecraft\saves.
  5. Drag map folder into it.
  6. Start Minecraft.
  7. Play!

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