Submersed is an underwater survival map made by JayMineCrafton and Wundero. It all happened after your submarine broke down in a middle of a journey..

Your submarine is broken underwater in a middle of nowhere and now you have to survive with just a survival tool kits available inside subs.

You have choices to either find another way to survive or fix the broken submarine . Use all kind of resources available in your surrounding while evading monster at times.


  • Repair the submarine
  • Make a tree farm
  • Make a melon farm
  • Make a wheat farm
  • Explore the sunken ship
  • Make a mob grinder
  • Collect all the music discs
  • Craft a fishing rod
  • Catch 10 of every fish
  • Name a squid
  • Make a pumpkin farm
  • Reach the island
  • Make a beach house on the island
  • Find the treasure
  • Light the Nether portal
  • Make a water breathing potion
  • Craft an enchanted golden apple
  • Build a glass tree dome (The tree needs to be able to grow inside the dome)
  • Build an iron farm and kill the wither.

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