This map is made by mineiac7. It’s a multiplayer map which allows around 20 people brawling in 5 different arenas.

Genre Survival

Arenas Available

  • Village {large}
  • Snowland {medium sized}
  • Training Facility {large}
  • Floating island {medium sized}
  • Miners cave {Small}

5 classes with specials to chose from

Specials: Mele: Armour assistance:
Enchanted bow Iron Sword Enchanted Creeper Head
Golden apples of fury Stone sword Dyed leather cap
Iron Sword stone sword Leather Cap
Gold Sword Stone sword dyed leather cap
Armour Up Stone Sword Dyed leather Cap
(enchanted iron armour)
Just Incase of spawn point Glitches spawns cordnates: -172 4 1405
The Rules will be placed at The spawn.
Please record for youtube. If you want to play on your own spawn some zombies.

Additional Rules:

This gamerule must be set to true:

This gamerule must be set to false:


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