Stargate TV series is my favorite show back in high school and so I am really glad that someone creative enough decided to make a map based of the series.

Minecraft Stargate adventure map is just what it is, an adventure to explore with puzzles to solved, , and of course there is action too, just like the TV series.

Stargate is a portal gate or you could call it a transportation device that was left by an ancient civilization. By using it you could travel through different planet, upon travelling through it for the first time, you reached a military based complex specially built for stargate research which is on earth (I supposed this is where McGyver would show his face up). Now that you reach earth, there is many more planet that you will start to explore and clears its puzzles.

O’Neill and Carter is also making a cameo appearances in storyline. There are about 6 worlds, including Earth, Abydos, legendary Ancients vessel Destiny and other weird places with crazy level of details which will please your eyes.

Also included is incredible fully-functional Redstone machinery, including cool seven chevron dialing panel, transporter rings, and automatic doors.

Yogcast the creator of this awesome map explained that warns that this is a big map and player might feel lost. The file is big too, about 53mb big in size so rest assured that minecraft stargate will surely take some time to finish. Definitely the map to play if you wanted more storyline and longer game-play hour.

This map required Enhanced Portal mod to play.

EnhancedCore Portal 3
Stargate Adventure Map


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