Star Dust is a minecraft PvP map made by McTsT. The main motto of this game is Collect XP! Fly around! Use abilities, defeat your opponents .

This map has around 10 classes and each one of them has its unique and weaknesses. Which is good since there won’t be an imbalance classes.

Creator: McTsT
Client Version: 1.12

Each class is given unique weapons, armor and additional items, and skills specifically for the classes.

Classes: Hunter, Prepper, Precursor, Disruptor, Wraith, Acolyte, Warlock, Soldier, Blaze & Trapper.

There are XP orbs around the map. By using the orbs you get to levitate , the more orbs the higher you go.

There are 2 modes of fighting. Against the waves and against the boss and many more modes. Overall there are 5 modes to choose


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