SquareBlocks is a single player minecraft map that focuses on Puzzle and Parkour.

It’s actually a sequel to CubicBlocks but player does not have to play the first one in order to understand SquareBlocks.

From trailer video we have here SquareBlocks seems a bit dull but don’t be fooled by it as it features a lot of fun.

First of all it has a storyline! which makes the game game-play goes longer than 50 minutes. There are 2 special blocks which allows you to crawling, wall-running, double jumps and robots without any needed to install mods.

Creator: IJAMinecraft
Client Version: 1.8

The map includes its own create level editor which allows you to create and edit your own stage. That’s quite fun but since this is a single player map having able to create level would be a bit sad since you couldn’t invite friends in.

If you somewhat stuck in a difficult puzzles or unable to make those highly explosive jumps, there’s a hint system that well help you around.


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