Speak and Spell [1.7.2]


Speak and Spell 1.7.2 is a map that has this big looking calculator slash phone like thing that you can press the button, phonetically but slowly and create 8 phonetic syllable words and listen to it via custom resource pack and block magic.

Genre Creative
Version 1.7.2
Developer rsmalec

What’s funny about this calculator phone thing is that the developer decided to make it a machine from the 80s century which mean the technology is bad, not as advance as these days. For example the buttons cannot be spammed or press too fast, if you do it will jammed. Althought I think this defect is not due to technology but more of it is what it is. Perhaps in the future he could code it to use 2020’s tech? LoL.

The machine can be responsive after using it for a while or it might be responsive since Day 1, rsmalec said that all you need to do is press the Clear All button. If the machine becomes REALLY unresponsive, you may need to fly around behind it to make sure the chunks with the redstone are fully loaded.

rsmalec also said that this thing is harmful so do not swallowed it. 😛

Download Speak and Spell by rsmalec


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