Minecraft Space Gold Sky Adventure is an adventure map made for MCPE . You will be playing as Agent 56 that was sent by your country to find a stolen gold.

Version: MCPE

In a one fine day, an urgent letter arrived to Agent 56. In it is a mission given to Agent 56 by the Vice President Volt himself. The request is absurd and dumbfounding , which is you will be sent off to a planet in an unknown space platform far far away from the earth to search for a gold that was stolen directly from Vice President Volt himself.

Vice President has an intel that confirmed the missing gold is in this unknown planet so you as a loyal agent to the country will do as you told and keep searching for the gold. Let’s do it fast so we can go back to earth quickly.

This is a fun simple map and despite being made for the pocket edition it has the same quality just like any map for pc version.




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