Space Exploration


Space Exploration is a survival puzzle adventure minecraft map with customize world beyond normal map you ever played before. It’s somewhat losely based on Interstellar movie

In Space Exploration you are task to observe the system of the planet and report back after a year.

However the planet isn’t like our normal planet, it has wacky weather and , strange seasons and dense cloud of asteroids sharing a breathable atmosphere, swirling about a Red Dwarf Star.

Creator: danaphanous
Client Version: 1.11

You have to study the environment, go through all the biomes, find all strange creatures on the planet , study strange ruins, observe, catalogue the native life forms, and study the environment.

To do this work you are given a companion AI named Biosuit Mark 12.3b .




  1. Don 12 April, 2017 at 13:31 Reply

    Hey, thanks for posting this! I think you may have gotten the name wrong though. In the videos linked it is called “space expedition”? Anyway, thanks and this map looks exciting, I will follow it because the creator says it is still in Beta version and getting updates every 2 weeks.

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