Here I present you with a super-duper scary map : The Smoke ….!! is a minecraft horror map that comes with its own unique storyline and resource pack.

When you were a kid, you’ve heard urban legends such as the Stalker, the weeping one being told to you over and over but the most urban legend that you like is the ones about The Smoker.

Creator: Ookack333
client Version: 1.8

The legends of The Smoker is beyond realism. He, being an extra-dimensional being is said to stalks at nighttime looking to attack, eat and torture his victim. A highly sadistic being, it stalks its victim for a long time before slashing them apart. And legends has it that it blinds its victim with cloud of smokes before lashing out for the feast.


  • Open World!
  • Custom Enemy Spawning System!
  • Sandwiches
  • Three types of enemies, each with unique abilities and powers that will scare you pantsless!
  • Fully fleshed out resource pack!
  • Vanilla (only command blocks and resource pack)!
  • Really Creepy stuff!

The Smoke Horror v1

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